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Elle Table and Chairs
Elle Chair Lily Pad
Elle Chair Canary
Elle Table Fuchsia
Elle Table Cobalt
Elle Series Kids
Elle Series Chair Setting


The Elle Series Chair and Table is a fairy-tale take on kids furniture for daycares, schools and other facilities looking for a seating solution that is fun and safe for use by children. Both Elle products are available in six plush colors and are highly durable, making them perfect for dayrooms, lobbies and other places in facilities where children gather.

The Elle Chair
The heart of the series is the Elle Chair, which was designed to look like a playful abstraction of an elephant with a cute trunk, wiggly tale and floppy ears. A child-appropriate back rest provides secure seating for the little ones using this product.


The Elle Table
The Elle Table features a Safari scene on its front and three docking stations on its backside that can house three Elle Chairs. Additionally, two tables can be pushed and ganged together, providing a larger surface and six docks for Elle chairs. It also can be placed against a wall to save space. Either way, it creates a perfect little majestic jungle wonder world!


  • Rounded edges throughout product provide safeguard against injury.
  • Made of rotationally molded, high-impact polyethylene for maximum durability.
  • Cute elephant motif surrounds kids with friends.• Premium TruColor™ material is fully compounded for superior color and quality assurance.
  • Designed for easy ganging together for a larger hexagonal table that seats six.
  • Fun jungle relief theme to inspire imagination and exploration.
  • Six different colors are appealing to both boys and girls.