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Hex-It Kids Furniture Series Setting


The name Hex-It is derived from the hexagonal shape of this new kids seating and table series from Norix. This multi-function marvel allows you to flip the product on one side and use it as a stool. Flip it on its other side and you have a table. It’s an ideal kids seating solution with a fun shape that’s ready to be configured to your space.

  • Made of rotationally molded, high-impact polyethylene for maximum durability..
  • Designed with no holes or moving parts.
  • Smooth surface is easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Premium TruColor™ material is fully compounded for superior color and quality assurance.

Hex-It can be picked up re-arranged for different uses. In the morning, a group of these products can be used as stools just for sitting. Later in the day, pick one up, flip it over and surround it with stools, and you have the perfect table to play games on or have a snack. Perfect for where kids gather.