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Comfort Shield® Rescue Mattress is a blend of comfort, cleanability, and lasting value. This densified fiber core offers the right amount of cushion without the use of inner springs. The breathable vent system repels oil, water, and bodily fluids. The sealed seams create a barrier to bedbug infestations for high traffic environments.

Key features: 

  • Norix® best value dorm-sized mattress
  • 100% sealed seam construction
  • Durable cover materials are fluid resistant
  • Easy to clean and deodorize
  • 11 oz. densified polyester core
  • Cushioned comfort with no inner springs
  • Breathable vent system repels oil, water and bodily fluids

Check our complete line of Norix Comfort Shield Mattresses such as Custody Sealed Seam Mattress, Remedy Sealed Seam Mattress, and Dorm Series Sewn Mattress. Download the white paper below to learn more about the benefits of sealed seam mattresses in challenging environments.